Church Headquarters, London UK

Church Headquarters, London UK















You are welcome into this family of Christ! It is not by chance that you have come in today – God your Father in heaven purposed it. So we trust Him to help you settle comfortably into this beloved family of His. Be rest assured, you will be grateful to Him that He led you here

Here at CAC(Bethel), heaven and all it affords is our goal.  We seek to know God through Christ Jesus, love and serve Him, and as He demands, love our neighbours as ourselves. All told, we make it our business that together we make heaven!

Our slogan says

“Prayer is our business”

“The Word is our priority”

“Salvation is our message”

We are guided by this standard in our journey of salvation and so at work or play, Christ leads and we follow.

So why not take your place, accept our hand of fellowship and soon you will be inviting someone else to come and see what God can do for them too!

This website tells you more about us and the activities which will help you in your walk with God.  Please do not hesitate to ask any question and we are just a phone call away anytime (++44 20 7729 4375 / 4661).

With Christ’s love

Prophetess Fadeke Omideyi
Minister in Charge