In loving memory of my husband

‘MD’, men say absence makes the heart grow fonder.  I say in addition, your absence has illuminated your true worth.

Death cannot quench love but yields the dividends of what has been sown for many years.

I bless the Lord for our union; I bless the Lord for everything you were to me.

With fond memories I reminiscence:

Your noiseless steps walking down the stairs and entering any room unannounced;

your sense of humour, the jokes we cracked; the way we teased each other; those hilarious stories of your youthful days! you were never ashamed to share your follies, mistakes and errors;

the endless hours of your teachings I had to endure – time was limitless for you when it came to teaching the word of God. But today, I am better for it;

the extra hours after meals when we sat around the dining table, listening to your teachings on any topic, with the number of listeners increasing with each person who came through the vicarage doors.  Each person must eat at your insistence.  It was your joy just to have people around you, learning and sharing and eventually we would be singing hymns as though it was another prayer meeting! what a passion, what a love for your flock.

your rebukes, discipline, and incessant corrections just to make us right and fit for God. Oh how we moaned at your insistence on perfection regards anything we do for God. Now we know better as we would do anything to have you back; that “daddy effect” as you used to call your military-style orders.

When you travelled, how we missed you and welcomed your homecoming.  Your joy at being back home was so transparent by how you would start phoning everybody to come over, to eat, to sing to learn music or science, to discuss politics and we would always end it on a spiritual note! God had to come into everything.

No sooner were you back and you started driving everyone into serious work or prayers, we would teasingly ask you “daddy, what is your next travel itinerary?” or “daddy,o ya e wa maa lo si Tanzania!” You knew what was inferred and would simply ignore the question which won us a short span of respite though never stopping you from whipping us to the next action!

What with you sitting at the organ in church! Time was of no significance as you played one hymn after the other, lost in your rapt engagement with the Spirit of the Lord.

At the pulpit, you would teach until you were convinced you had delivered all that the Holy Spirit would have you give, regardless of how many people remained standing on their feet with you, or were left awake.  Then you would say “thank you for sleeping. I have delivered what my Master sent me”

We miss your singing sessions in church.  No service would proceed at any point until the singing was fit for God your Master.  You would say you were practising here in readiness for when you get to sing with angels in heaven! Your outbursts of new songs in the spirit, which when you started singing we would wonder where it would end – but by the time you ‘landed’, produced inspirational songs we now sing with amusing memories. You had no programme except what the Holy Spirit gave as and when He chose.
“Daddy”, we would do anything to have those times back now.

What with your zeal to win souls for the Lord? Nothing was too much for you to do or give for the sake of saving one soul for the Lord.  You would always say “I know where I am going to; it is my job to take as many with me to God’s kingdom.”  Your relentless yearning for a true revival sparked hours of desperate supplication on your knees in prayer. We recall all those hymns of Pentecostal revival you made us learn!  The fervent prayer for enduing of power from on high!  Your passion for prayer was limitless –even in the sauna we prayed! and I would just wonder, like I asked you at times, “what sort of person are you?”  You were just ‘extra’!
Barring God’s intervention, your faith in God’s backing made you unstoppable in anything you set your mind to do.  I sometimes shuddered at the way you confronted issues which mere mortals would not dare approach.

The children – even the oldest – were babies to you.  The boys were “boys ” the girls were your “princesses“.  You were a motherly father, who believed no one else could love them more than you did.  They were your pride and joy.  The grandchildren would ask questions that you had no answer for at times, but you would cleverly meet their curiosity.  You loved to have them around you.

As in any marriage, we had times when the steam in the kitchen got too hot!  But I thank God especially for the last few months of your life.  They were the best in our union, for which I remain grateful to God.  The memories of your pampering, the deep things you shared with me, the hours of prayers and expression of your appreciation of all that had gone into our marriage have become a soothing balm to my heart.  I remember years back, when I would ask you, “how will I cope when you go? You would say reassuringly, “you’ll be alright”.  God indeed has been faithful this past year

Thank you for trusting me.  You were seen as a hard man; but beneath that wall, was a softness that was exposed by your desire just to have me sit with you; just to be there, in your company – “where is mum?”; “what is she doing downstairs?”.  I would give anything to sit 24 hours with you now!  That hardness melted when there was any concern about the children; that hardness melted when you had your spiritual children around you joking and playing with them – you were quick to nick- name them with a fondness which will remain with them – “Iya koko”, “Mama pajek!” “Bukus Bukus” “Maria 1” “Maria 2” “Yellow face” “gramaphone” “ Iya’badan” “Iya camp” “Red Hat” “Benedictus!” “old woman!” We miss your reassuring ‘wink’ of approval.

I bless God for our union; I bless him for our walk together.  There were hard times but God prevailed; there were joyous times, they were comforting.  In my heart, your place remains.  A song says “delights of love, a moment do remain but sorrows linger, delight shall end”  It is not so with you and I.  The delights of our union linger; the pains have been healed. The memories grow fonder and strengthen me to carry on.

You were not a perfect man and never boasted of such.  But I salute you as my hero, my capable spiritual father and father; an irreplaceable lover, whom I will forever be grateful to God for and remain proud of.

As your soul rests in your Master’s kingdom, may you behold His glory and be in the glory prepared for you.  Your works will flourish to the glory of God!

Fadeke Omideyi

Dad to me was undoubtedly a man of passion: passion for God, passion for the Church of Christ and passion for family. His passion was assisted by a tremendous zeal and dedication, accompanied by a sincere and strong desire to reach the kingdom of heaven. Dad sacrificed a lot in order to fulfil his call and he gained so many special graces, gifts and blessings from God for assistance and encouragement. One gift that I can fondly recount was his gift of music and song composition.

Dad definitely liked to lead from the front and get his bands dirty doing anything that needed doing. He would take an interest in absolutely anything and everything. If he knew nothing about something, he would learn everything about it, just so he could use that knowledge for the benefit of something or someone else.

Dad was a man who was blessed with the authority of God’s Word. He had a Word for every situation that people came to him about and he fearlessly used the Word to travel the globe witnessing and also to touch lives through television broadcasts as well as DVD and audio recordings of his teachings.

Dad loved having people around him, people he could talk with about various topics from politics to aeronautics, people he could eat with play with, sing with and pray with; people he could call family, both biological and spiritual, and people he could call friends.

If there is one thing I can say of a certainty it is that though dad is no longer here in body he will always be here in our hearts. He has left us here for a while to carry on doing God’s will. But we know that by God’s Grace we will one day catch up with Him in God’s heavenly kingdom.

Dad, we miss you dearly but are comforted in knowing that you are now with our heavenly Father waiting to receive the keys to your well-deserved heavenly mansion.
May your soul find perfect rest in God our Father.

Ayoade Omideyi

What can I say about our dear Dad? Well for a start, he was and still very much loved. He was a man that was full of adventure, determination, and an abundance of love for God; a man with a genuine love for music, especially singing. He was a spontaneous man who found it almost impossible to be restricted to a timed programme.

My Dad loved his family, loved people and loved talking, laughing, debating, but most importantly, teaching people about Christ. That was his passion! He was a teacher of the word and a man who set many good examples of how to work with one’s hands – he was a great believer of DIY (Do It Yourself), sometimes to a fault.

However, Daddy was by no means a perfect man, he had his faults like any other and we his children recognized some of them. On saying that though, I found that even in his faults , there were lessons to learn. His faith In God saw him through several rough situations and that faith was profound even up to his passing.

In short. Daddy was such a pivotal figure to his family, the church and many others across the world. I will conclude and say that even though Heaven is now blessed with your soul, here on earth, you will never be forgotten,
I will always love you…

Motayo Omideyi-Akapo

There are no words to describe what Daddy meant to me or how I feel about him. Simply put, every single thing I have ever accomplished in my life can be traced back to him one way or another. He made me believe that, with God’s help, I could be or do anything.

I always spoke with him about all the important things in my life and his direction was invaluable. We frequently talked deeply, laughed wholeheartedly and even argued passionately.

His life, actions and teachings spoke volumes to people around the world and I have been incredibly touched to hear and see how he affected the lives of so many. But to me he was simply my dad and is irreplaceable.

My only consolation is that his future is brighter than his past.

AnuOluwapo Omideyi


The greatest lesson Dad taught me was to have the belief and ability to personally make a difference in your community through Christ. He was a man that was solely dependent on God and never waited for anyone to give him an opportunity to do something. He did not wait for a difference, he became the difference. I believe that this ethos was one of the strongest he lived by, and is also one which I know he would want the family in Christ he left behind to continue to believe.

Ade Omideyi


My dad was and is the best dad who ever lived. I will never forget his works. He always put himself last even in the most desperate circumstances. His teachings will never be forgotten, neither his wit and charm. I know he has gone to a better place; one day by God’s grace we will see him up there. Love you Dad, – so much

 EbunOluwa Omideyi

Apostle, those who truly love you are now missing the warmth and cheerfulness you always bring to the dull moments of their lives, homes or gatherings you visited.

You were truly an ordained priest with deep faith. You summoned people wherever you were by your favourite saying  “ LET US PRAY”.

Your care for the less privileged was exemplary, your concern for family, friends and the congregation of the saints was superb.

You worked for God day and night tirelessly till you slept in the Lord. You loved evangelism relentlessly like myself. You always called me your twin sister in the field of evangelism.

Apostle, I really miss you! Our last discussion was about our experience in our branches in Nigeria and concerning workers in the vineyard which we termed “OWO NI KOKO”.

You reminded me that our Citizen is in Heaven thus quoting Numbers 23:10b –

“Let me die the death of the righteous, and may my final end be like theirs!”   I never knew you were saying goodbye.

Apostle, that glorious morning we shall see the Lord. Rest in the bosom of our Lord till we meet and part no more.

Your Twin Sister in the Vineyard – Prophetess (DR) Christiana Toluwase.

Farewell to Worthy Father of Faith Apostle Ayo Omideyi. As mortal beings, we find it difficult to accept the exit of our beloved one but the Bible says “The soul of the righteous are in the hand of God where no torment shall touch”.

Apostle Omideyi, Rest in the bosom of your Father eternally, whom you served day and night with unruffled face

We love you and God loves you most. We therefore join the entire family and all members of CAC mount Bethel to take solace in God.

Good night Apostle

From: Rev E.K. Toluwase & Prophetess (Dr) C.S.K Toluwase and Entire Member of C.A.C (TMC) Worldwide

We were shocked, saddened but not surprised at your sudden departure from this world. You were a no-nonsense father whose ultimate goal was to win the lost souls to Christ. If you had a choice you would have preferred to stay a little longer not to please yourself but to please your Master; but God knows the best time to grant you eternal rest.

You took special interest in me, my family and ministry from the first day I met you and you never failed to encourage, support and rebuke
when necessary. We are inspired by your humility, integrity, passion for souls, dedication, uprightness and appreciation of little things.

We believe you are going through the heavenly protocols of joining the heavenly singers as you desired and predicted shortly before your departure.

It is a fact that you were “alive and lived”. Your legacies will live on. We love you, but Jesus loved you more. Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, till we meet again.

Good Bye.

Pastor Isaac & Helen Odejimi.


Your entire life was a great inspiration to me personally and to many of your disciples worldwide. You have impacted my life beyond measure through your Godly examples and total commitment to the heavenly vision. Your insight to the Word of God was unique and your boldness in teaching the undiluted Word of God was unparalleled.

You have taught me what it is to be a servant of God by your way of life and extraordinary passion for the work of God. Even though you have gone to heaven, your work lives on in my heart and in the hearts of many all over the world.  May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace

Adieu – MY spiritual father.                           PaSTOR FOLORUNSO

Apostle Ayo Omideyi was the first General Secretary of the Christ Apostolic Church Students Association (CACSA) which was formed at CAC (Bethel), Abadina, University of Ibadan in 1970. He held this post until he relocated to London a few years later. He was also the first to establish a Christ Apostolic Church Assembly in London.

Ayo was a product of late Prophetess Mama Ogunranti. He was a prayer warrior who Mama held in high regard because of his unique gift of revelation. His worship services were known to be melodious and filled with tunes, often new ones, from the heavenly Choir. As a preacher, he spoke frank and was blunt, never covering the spiritual dimension of all his considerations. We shall miss his prophetic gift, especially as he was one of those whom God gave the gift of revelation at the deepest level.

Ayo was well known for practicing what he preached and the most accurate accolade I can communicate about him was that he walked with Jesus. It can also be truly said of him that he was a lover of souls of men/women, an indefatigable evangelist, planter of churches, an international missionary, a detribalized leader, and a boundless gospel worker. He never believed in materialism.

In a world corrupted by greed, lasciviousness over mundane things, power, position and unbridled promiscuity, Apostle Omideyi maintained his integrity and stood like Paul who learnt to abase and abound. He was a non-conformist to the world’s standard. His ultimate love was for Christ and he strived for a sinless and holy life fuelled daily by the word of God. He, like Joshua, served God faithfully. He believed in the efficacy of prayers as well as in church doctrines and biblical injunctions without wavering.

Apostle Omideyi was a man of God and a gallant Christian soldier who died in the active service of his Lord and Saviour. His untimely death was a rude shock to all of us in the Bethel Family, especially, since we had hoped that he would join us in the International Leadership Conference which was held in August in Nigeria, but he was unable to attend due to illness.

Although the relationship between him and CAC was strained for some time, Ayo was a man of peace, a gifted prophet, and a gifted singer. Ayo’s life was brief and eventful, yet he achieved a great deal for Christ and the body of believers. May his musical soul rest in Perfect Peace!

Pastor A.M.A. Imevbore.

Chairman, C.A.C. Mount Bethel Special District.

I had the privilege to work with our late Apostle Ayo Omideyi for 24 years. He was a man of strong principle; he had passion for the work of God and the Word of God.

He was a perfectionist, a teacher full of wisdom, a solution-focused man, always thirsty for knowledge, always liking to take control of every situation.

He was also a man with a great sense of humour. He was patient and endured hardship.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

Pastor Mike

The whole church in Mapinga, after hearing about the death of the Apostle (our Papa), received the news with great sorrow. We are so grateful for all the work you accomplished in Tanzania. God’s purpose will never be hindered. God has done according to His will.

May God comfort us all.

Mapinga Church, Dar es salaam.

Personally I have a lot to talk about you Papa, you did a lot to lift me up spiritually through your teachings and prayer.

May the Lord continue to use you where you are, especially in praising and worshiping Him.

Mapinga`s Leader Brother Thomas

It was hard for us to believe that you are no longer with us, Papa. I believe all that you did for us will never be forgotten. You encouraged us in hard times, you comforted us in the times of sorrow and you stood with us as the father to his children.

May the Lord of all comfort and encourage all the brethren and the entire family.

Albano Mgaya & Evastella mgaya, Dar es salaam

The coming of the Apostle to Tanzania is unforgettable. He was a good teacher in a way that some pastors were secretly asking me to sell his teaching tapes to them when he was preaching on Praise Power radio. They liked his teachings.

In person, I will never forget him for he brought me from afar. I was nobody, I was just a pagan. He raised me up and he made me a Christian. Me, who I couldn’t  pray! He taught me how to pray, made me a disciple and through his teachings I became a teacher. What shall I say?  May he rest in peace. He gave his life for us. May he rest in peace. Amen.

I thank God for bringing the Apostle to Tanzania, I was the first person to be converted by him. I can say I’m the first disciple in Tanzania. He conducted seminars and revivals before he registered the Sower Media Trust (prayer house) for which I was the coordinator. He was a “redeemer” to many who were in bondage.

Having witnessed what was done through him and by him, some pastors asked him to be their spiritual father within the town and countries. He went about teaching them in Kigoma, Songea, Korogwe (Tanga), Moshi, Mwanza, at last, Mbeya.

His death shocked many people here and they have asked to express their sympathy to the church and his family. May God empower the church and his followers all over the world. Amen. I hope the work he started will continue.

May the Lord God our Father rest him in peace.


Joyce Ndowo

Ayo and I have been friends since the 60s but I have not seen him since he moved to the UK almost 4 decades ago. It is, therefore, with great shock and sadness to learn of his transition to eternity. My heartfelt condolences go to the entire family of Omideyi. May the comfort of God help you during this period of sorrow. My deepest sympathies also go to the family of God at CAC Bethel, UK. It is my prayer that God will raise for you another shepherd that will continue with the good works of your departed beloved pastor. Amen.

Ayo was a lot of things to many people. For me, he was a complete gentleman and a great friend. Although he is physically gone, he will always live in my heart. Farewell Ayotunde! May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen                 Dr O. Oshin (Classmate)

It is sadness and a heavy heart that I heard about the death of my mentor, a seasoned teacher of the Word and a general in God’s vineyard. May he rest in peace. My condolences to Church-mum, Pastor Ayoade, the rest of the family, the entire Omideyi Family and the Church family.

Prophet Jide Peter-Thomas

To be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord. He has run the race and he will be greatly missed in the kingdom. A great teacher of the word, with a disciplined life. Thank you for answering the call of God and for making many of us to be well grounded in the faith. You will be greatly missed. Your legacy continues. Adieu papa, sleep peacefully till we meet to part no more. A general of the army of the Lord.

Mrs Abiola Peter-Thomas

By the time I was opportuned to be in London in the 70s, brother Ayo ordered me to be with him in the church immediately the programme I went for was over. We had time to pray, fast and study the word of God together. We also played some games to relax. He made me to draw near him as a friend.

Apostle Omideyi accommodated my son when he was in London. He gave him his fatherly guidance and for his kindness and generosity, I will forever be grateful to God for a man like Ayo.

About two years ago, he ordered me to organise a three day prayer and fasting in CAC Mount Bethel in Ibadan because of his love and zeal for the work of God and Bethel family. Because of his zeal for the progress of the gospel, he might have stepped on many people’s toes. Yet, he did not mean evil.

When last he phoned me, he ordered professor Akinsoyinu and me to be present at CAC Bethel Special District Leadership seminar holding at Efunrun in Warri in 2011. What a love for Bethel family! Before his death it was his wife who discussed with me on his behalf not knowing that I would not be opportuned to listen to his commanding tones.

Adieu, Apostle Ayo! No doubt you are free from earthly struggles to be with the Lord, your Creator. YOU CAME, YOU SAW AND YOU CONQUERED and there is laid for you a Crown of Glory. Sleep on, my beloved Apostle. We will meet at the feet of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Bode Ojo

It would be unfair not to honour a man who gave his whole life into the service and work of God. For me, and many others who knew Papa, he was an example for the Christian faith.
He was a strong leader, a hard worker and a great teacher.

Papa, your obedience to God’s call on your life and amazing faith will live on but your presence will be greatly missed. Your exemplary life stands as a testimony of what a witness of Christ truly is. Why God has called you so early to Him, we don’t know but HIS will be done.

Daddy, your going home is a great loss to CAC (Bethel). May your work and memory be forever in our hearts. PAPA, DAMIRIFA DUE! DUE NE AMANEHUNU! WOREKO A, KOSE KOSE.


Antoinette-CAC Bethel, UK

Daddy has been a huge part of my life for the past 10-15 years. In that time, he was like a second father to me. I spent almost as much time in his home as I did in my own and he had always been infinitely caring; gave me advice and ensured that I did not go off the straight and narrow. I loved him for that and the fact that I will never see him again is heartbreaking. Nevertheless, he will forever be in my heart and his works will forever lead my life and my own actions. I thank God for his life. Rest in PEACE Daddy.

Lawrence Anfo-Whyte –New Hampshire, USA

May the roads rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rain fall soft upon your fields
And, until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

Daddy you will be truly missed.

Da Yie! Da Yie! Yebehiya Bio. Da Yie Da Yie!!

Deborah Anfo-Whyte -CAC Bethel, UK

I cannot begin to express what a wonderful father the Apostle Omideyi was to me. He was more than just a spiritual father, he was my best friend. He dedicated his entire life doing what was best for the work of God, his family, friends, the congregation and us, and for that I am so grateful. There are no words to explain how we feel. In our hearts we know you wouldn’t want us to be sad but happy to celebrate your wonderful life.

There are no words to explain what has happened. I am so confused and there are so many unanswered questions, but I take consolation in the fact that you were a kind, loving, exceptional leader, marvellous teacher and I thank God for your exemplary life. I have suffered a great loss and often my heart hurts, but I know and believe that you will always be here spiritually watching over me.

I will miss your fatherly conversation and advice, the way you tell me off. Whenever I frustrated you, you would say “This is too much wahala (trouble) for me!”

Papa, may you rest in perfect peace.

Agyapa De Yie, Wo Ne Onyame Ntena Wo Soro Ho.

Jennifer Bonsu– CAC  Bethel UK


Gone but not certainly forgotten

Baba, the Apostle, was a great servant of God, but also a great teacher who inspired devotion to Christian values and practices everywhere he went. A work colleague who watches the Apostle’s television broadcast when informed about baba’s death lamented “Oh, we have lost a great teacher”.

Even as we grieve the Apostle’s passing from this world, we celebrate that he is now in heaven. What an amazing life! He was a giant in so many ways, and we were privileged to have him as a

dear, dear father for many years. Every time I had the opportunity to spend time with him, I saw firsthand a heart consumed with the love for Jesus


Through the years I often contemplated the benchmark he has set for so many ministers and believers to follow, and on this day as we bid him farewell to his home in heaven, it is time for us to reflect even more upon his remarkable impact on so many people.

I believe God overshadowed the Apostle’s life, even before he entered the world on June 4th 1945 in a town in Nigeria. What a journey he made in the years that God granted him the grace and opportunity to have lived here on earth. His aspirations as a young man in university was to become a surgeon, instead God changed his aspirations and granted him the opportunity where he travelled around the world as a true pioneer for the undiluted Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Only heaven will reveal how many hearts he has pointed toward heaven, how many homes have been transformed through his teaching, and how many ears have heard his faith-filled phrase, “Listen to me and listen to me good!” God has used him to open doors that were once considered closed to the miracle-working power of the Gospel.

And while we join his loved ones in mourning the loss of this great trailblazer of the faith of our fathers, we also celebrate his reunion in heaven with his beloved father, brother, his sister, and most importantly, with the Lord Jesus Christ himself, whom our father served so faithfully during his memorable lifetime! Baba, forever and forever farewell, when we meet again I will certainly smile.

Brother Simeon Atoza

The Apostle Ayo Omideyi (R.I.P.)

In the last 30 years, the Apostle has either been the initiator, co-ordinator, or the brain behind a number of projects (ideas) that have affected the lives of many in the community.  Some of such projects / initiations are/were:

Mister Print
A printing franchise, bought into existence to assist in funding the missionary activities of the Ministry.  Mister Print provided a service for various local businesses and voluntary organisations in the community.

Bethel Bureau
The Bethel Bureau was the successor organisation of Mister Print.

The African Churches Council for Immigration & Social Justice (ACISS)
The organisation was initiated to assist African immigrants in particular, and immigrants in general, with the regularisation of their immigration status, as well as ensuring that social justice is fairly apportioned.  Social justice issues include housing, fostering, adoption, help for the physically challenged, education, etc.  The principles of the organisation are deeply rooted in Christian beliefs and values.

African Immigrants Bureau (AIB)
The organisation was the successor of ACISS.

The Schools Debating & Public Speaking Project
A unique project that encouraged the debating and discussion of topical issues in the society, as well as inspired public speaking in young people.

Bethel Nursery
A local child care and educational project located in the London borough of Hackney.

Carpus (1990 – 1994)
As a co-founder of Carpus, the Apostle played a pivotal role in assisting the organisation in its embryonic stage. 

The Nigerian Renaissance Movement (NRM)
A political based organisation in Nigeria founded on strong Christian beliefs to educate and improve on the quality of lives of Nigerians.

Some of the projects above were either initiated by the Apostle or co-founded with the Apostle not for personal financial gain, but to assist in generating the much needed funding for the work of the Ministry.  The Apostle did not believe in burdening his congregation or followership with financial requests, but strongly believed in creative ways in funding the work of God.

Most of the projects would have been very difficult without the full support of the Apostle’s late brother, Senior Pastor Olusegun Kolade Omideyi.

Prayer was his business, Revival his objective, and Soul Winning his over-riding interest.  The Apostle has been involved in many soul winning missions during his life time.  Below is a list of some of the main missions / revivals undertaken by the Apostle during his lifetime, as instructed by the Holy Spirit:

  • Midlands Revival ( 1987 -1990)
  • Welsh Revival (1987-1990)
  • Philippines Revival (1988-1990)
  • Indonesian Mission (1989-1991)
  • South Korean Mission (1992)
  • Various Nigerian Revivals
  • Various Ghanaian Revivals
  • Various Ivorian Revivals
  • Various Tanzanian Revivals
  • Various Kenyan Revivals
  • American Revivals (Various States)
  •  South African Mission (2007)
  • Kenyan Mission
  • Spanish Mission
  • Italian Mission
  • Dutch Mission
  • Various other UK missions

Millions have been healed and touched through the ministration of the late Apostle, and his legacy lives after him.

May the soul of the Apostle rest in perfect peace.

Andrew Adelekun

My dearest daddy, spiritual father, mentor, teacher, hero, role model, friend, the epitome of a true servant of the Most High God, I miss you so much.

Daddy, I never thought that I would be writing any tribute in respect of your passing in the year 2011; at the most in 4 years time it would have been a commendation speech at your 70th birthday, but this was not to be.

I am sad and sorrowful, trying so hard to come to terms with the thought of you not being physically present in our midst, church services, Easter retreat, end of year prayers and all of our other special church calendar events.

Daddy I miss you so much, I miss your smile, your wonderful sense of humour and jokes.  Your passing feels like a wild dream, yet it is real.  One thing I know is that you have been gathered to your fathers, and that you are resting well in the Lord now.

Daddy, thank you for your ceaseless prayers and fasting for us, the feet-washes, the sprinkling of water, and the seal of protection God put upon us through you.   Thank you for all those unquantifiable teachings, the priceless word of God that you imparted to us.

Daddy, you are irreplaceable, no one can fill the vacuum you have left in your hearts.

Daddy, you were so special and so unique in your services to God in that you never gave God half measures but total commitment, total dedication, and total attention.

You were always happy to stand alone, be different or unpopular amongst friends and fellow ministers of God in so far as it pertained to doing and being in the perfect will of God the Father and Jesus Christ your Master and Lord.

Your legacy of obedience, the fear of God, total commitment and dedication to your calling, single-mindedness, implicit faith in God, ability to walk by faith and not by sight; the undiluted, uncompromising word of God in your mouth, your self-denial, sacrifices, exemplary life, humility, simplicity and discipline will stay and guide us through this Christian journey so that where you are now, we will also be.

I pray that we will look out for the road map – the signs that you instructed us in one of the revelations that one of us had during our last Easter retreat – so that where you are now, we will also go.  Even though we attributed this revelation to the future, now we know better that God was hinting to us that your work was finished.  Now that we understand, we give God all the Glory.

You have fought the good fight, you have run the race and you can now receive the crown of a faithful servant.

I can only congratulate you for so much you have achieved.  Even though you are no longer physically present with us, your voice continues to be heard from the archives.  People like you, daddy, never really die, so I am convinced that you will never die because your work lives on.

I pray that God will give you the grace to continue to pray for us, come and correct us when we are getting it wrong, and to be able to clarify things for us when we get to a cross road.

I pray that the Lord will comfort your family and the Church, and that we will not mourn like those without hope.

I love you so much daddy, sleep well in the Lord.

Tribute from sister Comfort Wele CAC ( Mt Bethel) UK

Daddy we are so sad to see you go. Farewell to Thee!  To all my fondest thoughts of Thee; within my heart they still shall dwell and they shall cheer and comfort me.


Sister Grace- CAC Bethel, UK

My father in the Lord, I found it difficult to believe that you have gone so soon. I can’t just imagine your departure; it was very shocking to me and many people around me.  My relationship with you cannot be expressed in words. You are a FATHER, TEACHER, LEADER and a man of knowledge and the wisdom of God. Your leadership cannot be quantified.  May your soul rest in perfect peace.


The Apostle was a rare gem who gave unsparingly.  A lover, a teacher and doer of God’s Word.  His ministry really affected my life and many others’ lives positively. Daddy it is unfortunate you left so soon. Though we love you, Jesus loves you more. May your soul rest in perfect peace till we meet to part no more.


Apostle OMIDEYI was man sent by God to this generation. He was a practical Christian whose passion was to rescue the captives from their captors.  A disciplined, faithful, devoted and committed teacher of the Word, you have laid down a legacy; your footprints shall never fade away from the surface of the earth.  Daddy, the news of your sleeping in the Lord was so shocking, saddening and unbelievable.  But I have confidence within me that you are resting at bosom of your creator. Daddy, rest and relax until the glorious day that we part no more.


In around March 2011 I came to David Camp with a troubled mind.  And the spirit directed me to see the man of God, the Apostle.  After expressing my mind, the man of God asked me what I used to do before when I had those challenges. I responded that I used to go out for evangelism but I don’t do so again.  He said I should go back to what I was doing before.  I was complaining bitterly.  The man of God advised me to go back to doing what I used to do before.  He prayed for me that day and I was filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit.  When I got back home I began to go out for evangelism. Within a month, according to what he said, I began to receive the favour of God and all that I thought were my problems were removed.  Secondly, I was weak in the Spirit.  I listened to one of his messages entitled “GOING BACK TO THE OLD PATH”. That message also woke me up!

When we heard that the Lord had taken him up I was sad but I know we will we meet in heaven.  God bless you.


David Camp had been my second home since September, 10 2009. I met the man of God around December 2009 when he came on a visit.  He ministered the word of God to us; indeed he was a teacher of the word!  He is a great man of God. I pray the Lord will send somebody to fulfil all his vision and aspiration in the ministry.  This man of God has contributed immensely to the pursuit of God’s mandate for many lives, homes, and generations.  He will rise again.


It is well that ends well. Rest in peace.


May your soul rest in perfect peace.


This is a general in the army of God. May his soul rest in perfect peace.


I know papa to be a man of his word and a teacher of the Word of truth. A man of God with God’s fear. Rest in the blossom of Jesus; till we meet to part no more.

PROPHET  TOKUNBO A.O  Life Changing Bible Church of God

The Apostle OMIDEYI, a man worth emulating. The vacuum you left no one can fill. May God grant you eternal rest.


The Apostle AYO OMIDEYI has been a lovely, very caring and God fearing man and had the word of encouragement.  It was amazing and least expected to me when I heard that papa had gone home. May your soul rest in perfect peace.


Apostle Ayo Omideyi came to Nigeria in the late March 2011 after the tsunami in Japan.  In David camp He taught us about the rapture of saints.  Jesus has come to take him.  A great teacher of the word is gone.


May your soul rest in perfect peace.


You taught me how to pray fervently. You inspired my spiritual life.


A true servant of God, humble to the core.  Good night.


Apostle OMIDEYI had been a very caring person and very passionate about the things of God.


Many struggle more to know than to live well.   But what does knowledge convey without the fear of the Lord our GOD? Apostle Ayo Omideyi lived his life in the fear of the Lord. This is our consolation: the soul that loves God looks down on everything that is less than God.   I thank God for his life, it is worthy of emulation.  May his soul rest in the bosom of the Lord.


Daddy, as I used to call him, Adieu. Rest in perfect peace.  He was a blessing to me spiritually, in my ministry, financially, in my home and to me personally.  He was a champion of faith and an army-general in the teaching of the word of God.  His memory will be with me forever.


Daddy I miss you. Baba ti lo sugbon baba tun wa!


Daddy, you are so kind but death has taken you. It was a shock! Well R.I.P.

Dear Dad,

It still feels like a dream that I will wake up from, something surreal that you are no longer with us. It’s like there’s a gaping hole that cannot be filled. There seems so much more that you needed to do and see.

I remember like it was yesterday when you were last preaching, I will miss the way you preached the Word, your sense of humour, even the long hymnals we used to sing and I would be thinking,

“Not another hymnal!”

I know you are singing with the angels in heaven and looking down on us probably thinking “what are my people doing?” You were much more than an “Apostle” you were a leader, a friend, a confident, an intelligent man, someone who was never afraid of saying the truth.

I will miss you greatly dad. You are and always will be the best spiritual father to me. A wonderful man of God, who always put God first and that is a trait we should all aspire to have.

You have always been there for other people and were always making time, whether it was day or night. And you will always be remembered by your songs and your preaching in my heart.

Your legacy of the powerful and uncompromising Word of God will always live long after you, changing people’s lives.-

Love you always Dad,

Fiyinfoluwa Odekunle


I feel deeply broken inside because I cannot physically see you, but one thing that greatly comforts me is the consciousness that you will always be here to instruct and teach me.
The hours you countlessly spent with me talking about anything and everything is a treasure I will never lose.
You gave me invaluable insights about life, opened my eyes to lots of mysteries, and we often talked about technology.
Those times you would get me to study an operation manual with you for hours and I would say in my head, “Dad has come again!”…….I would give anything to say that again.
The truth is, your fatherly role to me can never be replaced.  I love you Daddy.

Your Son always,
Gbenga Otekhile.

Dear Dad,

You were a great man. A sound man.  A man who led by example.

Day to day, week to week and year to year, you ingrained many moral values within me.  You passed your knowledge to me and I have been able to pass this knowledge to others.

You were my spiritual father who I looked up to. You helped me grow spiritually and made me realise that the lessons you taught were not only for my spiritual journey, but for everyday life. Discipline, discretion, love, a spirit to give and the power of prayer is only a speck of what I gained from knowing you.

I am truly blessed that God put you in my life, and I thank God everyday for the way you enriched my life. I know with every conviction in my soul that you are receiving your reward in heaven.

Yours sincerely (and with lots of love),

Adeiye Odekunle

Our Dearest and Beloved Father,

It was a great privilege to meet and to know you as our teacher, brother, granddad, friend, and above all our spiritual father.

We will forever cherish the time you spent with us on this earth. We still cannot come to terms with your departure in flesh but we know in spirit you will forever be with us. God is the only one that has the final say of all our lives.  I believe He called you home to suit His purpose.

When we look around us, we can see you everywhere – your love, care and works. Also, the solid foundation you laid down in our family, the fear of God you instilled in us all.

Your prayers helped us to fight our battles. We appreciate your prayers for us all through the rain, sunshine and snow. And we thank you, Sir, for that special Sunday prayer, and the grace to see you at that point. We will forever be grateful.

We appreciate your time spent coming to see us, be it morning, afternoon or even in the night time. Daddy, I remember you knocking at the door at 7am to ask after us, and to “harass” me in particular. Thank you.

I, Mrs Adeyemi, thank you daddy for your advice concerning my salvation, my children, my health including my travelling to and from work. I thank you for going out of your way to see one of my children abroad and for your generosity.

Daddy, you made up your mind to help and to make others smile.

I bless the Almighty for His special gift given to you, His faithful servant, and for making you His mouthpiece and instrument to the whole world. I thank God for making you the bank of His ‘WORD’, which cannot be emptied.

Daddy, I admired your trust in God, your unshakable faith, and your desire to fill the kingdom of God. Also, your selfless attitude, boldness to speak the Word of God and obedience to God. Daddy, you made us understand how expensive salvation is. You told us to take good care of it and not to allow anyone to take it from us. And you often asked us, “If Jesus comes today, where would he find you”? You taught us not to compromise our salvation, come what may, and to carry the cross of salvation to the end. You taught us to be independent and to take all our burdens to God in prayer. Prayer is the key to the survival of a Christian.

You are such a blessing and backbone to many others like us. We cannot but thank you for all your shared knowledge of God with us.


I (Ereke ni dukia wa), I AM GOING TO MISS YOU BIG TIME.  Even, though we argued from time to time, you are still my father, and I still love you. When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing it will be! WHEN WE ALL SEE JESUS, WE WILL SING AND SHOUT VICTORY.


Your children

(Ereke ni dukia wa, Goldsmith, President and Clergy boy)

The Adeyemis.

They say that God takes the greatest people first; I feel granddad was an angel sent here to do God’s work and God needed him more, so he took him from us.  Granddad was certainly a God-given and a fearful man of God. He taught me with the powerful word of God.  The Apostle was kind and loving father to all the children in the church. I will never forget his discipline, sense of loyalty and commitment to God’s work.


Nhyira  -Bethel Youth Group

It was sad to hear about your departure but God loves you more and that is why he has called you home. My greatest memory of you is the love and passion you had for your congregation. I would like to use this opportunity to appreciate all that I was taught in Bethel as a child and the impact it has had in my life as an adult. Although you are gone, your legacy lives on. I pray that the Lord will continue to uphold the Church and your family.

Florence Adeleye


“Friend”, “teacher”, and “encouraging leader” are all words that sum up the life of the greatest man of God I’ve seen. By the grace of God, you have taught me vital information that has benefited and improved my life. Now you have gone but your works and legacy will live on. Thank you DADDY and may your soul rest in perfect peace!


He was truly a man after God’s own heart. He taught his flocks with the undiluted word of God and lived his life as a follower of Christ; the best example for others to follow. Daddy, I know you are very precious in the sight of God, thank you for all the love you showed. I will forever appreciate you. You will be greatly missed. May you rest in perfect peace.

Abigail Sarfo-Adu,  CAC Bethel , UK

This is a person who served his God fearlessly and without any adulteration. He held on to his faith to the very end. He touched the hearts of millions around the world. But he still had time to tend his flock. He was my father and I am going to miss him so much. Well done good Soldier of Christ, enter into your eternal rest. Your Commander awaits you.

Bro Isaac – CAC Bethel UK

An honest, God fearing man and a true servant of God – one in a million. You will be truly missed by many. May your soul rest in perfect peace.

Michael Sarfo-Adu,  CAC Bethel , UK


Oh dear, wonderful man of God! You will be missed by millions of viewers, particularly my family. May Almighty God grant the family the mind to bear the loss of the Apostle.

Rest in perfect peace in the Lord.

Isaac Okunbor, Dublin, Ireland

I am thankful to God for the life of my spiritual father. It is a painful thing but I know that he is resting in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is a good and honest man and my sincere sympathies to my mother in the Lord, the rest of the family and the members of the church.

Kayode Ojo – CAC Bethel UK

Apostle, you were a great and true man of God, I loved listening to you on OBE and learned a lot from your teaching. You were humble and always taught the undiluted Word of God. It is unbelievable that you are gone. May the Almighty God give you eternal rest in His bosom in Jesus Christ’s Name.  Amen.

Akosua Umoh and Philip Umoh – London, UK

It is appointed unto a man to die once. Daddy Omideyi has finally gone to answer his divine appointment with his creator. Your preaching through the media (OBE) made my Brother Itunu Odupitan accept and adopt you (Daddy Ayo) as his beloved mentor and father without knowing you personally. But knowing you closely made me know that family does not only come through blood relations but more through love, affection, concern and a caring attitude you showed and planted into your members and the church at large.

Sleep well at the bosom of the Lord Jesus Christ (Amen).

I say to the family and the church “IT IS WELL”.

Tope Osoneye


I was saddened and shocked when I was told of the passing of Apostle. My heart goes out to the Omideyi family.

Apostle was an amazing servant of God and a very funny man. I will remember his quick wit for the rest of my life.

Thank you Apostle….

Margaret Adereti



I was drawn to the apostle’s unique purity and wholesomeness through his Sunday T.V sermons only a year ago and decided to join his church with all my heart. Knowing the apostle has brought an immense change and added value to my christian outlook on life. I really treasured his down to earth approach and the family spirit he brought to his church and I was honoured to have been baptised by him.

My greatest wish and prayer in all this was to have had the opportunity to sacrifice anything or petition god almighty to bring the apostle back to life and then shout from the top of my voice: ‘’death is swallowed up in victory, Oh death where is thy sting, O grave, where is thy victory’’. But since we are anchored in Christ, as our consolation, I say ‘’ to live is Christ and to die is gain….1Cor 15:54….PhiL 1:21

My exhortation to church mum and the whole family is as follows:

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you, I have summoned you by name, you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned: the flames will not set you ablaze, for I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Saviour’’….Isaiah 43:2-3

‘Even though you may feel hard pressed on every side but you are not crushed: perplexed, but not in despair: persecuted, but not abandoned: struck down but not destroyed”. 2 Cor 4:8-10.  Christ is in you, the hope of glory, they that hope in the Lord shall renew their strength.

Everywhere that I have mentioned the passing of the apostle, whether in taxis, shopping centres or to friends or strangers, I have been gladdened to hear people exclaim, ’’what a great loss, what a true man of God!’’, and this has made me feel privileged and honoured to have known Baba.

As I mourn my apostle’s untimely demise, I personally also rejoice and believe that he has been raptured, consecrated forevermore as a high priest and is with the good lord till eternity. (Heb: 7-28)

I will relentlessly pray that we all keep going in his absence the unity of the spirit and the bond of peace that he set ablaze in the church, for he will always be present with us.

Baba damirifa, damirifa due !!!…….Baba rest in perfect peace.

From Sister Nora and family


Apostle Ayo Omideyi was a teacher, a mentor and a good friend to all the followers at CAC Mt. Bethel.

The Apostle was a man sent by God to do His will, preach and teach the word of God, without adding or removing anything from it. He taught the solid word of God.

The Apostle was a true servant of God who cared so much for the souls of his followers and the work of God rather than worldly things. He sacrificed so much for the work of the kingdom of God, and was always afraid to do anything that was not the will of God.

The Apostle has gone but his legacy remains forever. He has set an example for us to follow; a man of integrity, a disciple and a watchdog for the people. We will all miss him, but we thank God for what he has used him to do in our lives.

I thank God for granting me the grace to meet and know the true servant of God. My prayer to God is that you will rest in perfect peace, till we meet to part no more.

Sister Maria Ugba

Glory to God for the life of our departed Uncle and Father.

May His soul rest in peace. Amen.

Mr & Mrs Akintayo Wusu


The Apostle, a servant of Christ, a beloved man of God whom the Lord chose out of all mankind. The Lord your maker showed you part of His Glory. He satisfied you with faithfulness & meekness to reach out to the “unreached”. His written word flowed out through you like a grain of seed to his people. You were appointed & anointed like an overpowering stream, an ambassador of Jesus who brought multitudes to the Kingdom of God. You tended and led flocks of sheep on a right pathway that lead to the Lamb. You interceded, pleaded and called upon the Lord for uncountable souls. You lived by example, tended the flock carefully and tenderly. You furnished and graced your generation with imperishable treasures. You left behind the lasting memory of a true servant of God which will last forever.

Daddy, your deeds will not be forgotten before God and before his people. May your soul revive from where you lie. Amen.

Sister Taiwo Mary Odekunle

There is much to say and much to write as I remember and write about you. Your great teachings and strong faith in God is something that cannot be forgotten.

You tried so much to change our attitudes, especially mine. I find it so hard to quit my two greatest weaknesses but with your help I was getting there. Now that you are not around to push me what will I do?  But as you always say, “Our deeds are accountable to God” and, “Heaven hasn’t got time for our excuses”.  I pray you will still watch over us and reprimand us.  Even though you are absent, your great teachings are always present.

I am so blessed to know such a great and wonderful man of God who always talked about salvation and made me aware of the judgement of God.  APOSTLE AYO OMIDEYI, you will be sadly missed but I know the creator will keep you till we meet again. Your memory is my keep-sake with which I’ll never part.  God has you in his keeping; I have you in my heart.

Your spiritual grandchildren and myself say,

Mrs Francisca Osei-Kuffour & Family.

Daddy, my Apostle, teacher and role model, an uncompromising, faithful, dedicated, self-less, Christ – focused, disciplined, God-fearing, God-loving, humble, out-spoken and mighty servant of God.

Daddy!!! Why so soon? It has been very hard and difficult to comprehend.  The news came like a dream, yet it came true.  I thought I was having a terrible dream and would wake up and phone you as usual to say, “Daddy I had a bad dream, God forbid, it wouldn’t come to pass”.  Yet it seems to be real.  Your Master has called you home. You have left such a sore and void that only the mighty power of the Holy Spirit could heal and fill.

I am, however, without a shred of doubt that God is in the midst of this.  The scales are now falling off and I can now see that it was all orchestrated and destined by the Almighty and Sovereign God.  Ah this unquestionable, incomprehensible and all knowing God!  Who can fathom His ways?  His ways are, indeed, not our ways and because this plan is from the Lord it is good.  As you always say, ‘who, even, is this God?’ He doesn’t owe anyone an explanation, nor can we appeal His decision because he is ‘Sovereign’.

I, therefore, thank God for the undeserving grace of leading me to you.  As a daughter I am proud of you.  I am eternally grateful to God for 12 years of tutorship and grooming by you.  I cherish and give God all the Glory for every moment spent with you. Oh how I adore the deep and soul touching, self searching and thought-provoking teachings. I would always remember the wonderful experiences during the periods of 40 days of fasting, teachings and prayers; the soul refreshing Easter Retreats; three days end of year fasting and prayers; and the joyous anniversary celebrations. Daddy, how you blew my soul apart and took me on a heavenly thrill with songs and hymns like ‘The old rugged cross”; “Jesus take me near the cross”; “Forever with the Lord”; “When we all get to Heaven”; “Nearer my God” to thee; and many more.

I am even more grateful to God for the privilege of partaking in the physical preparation “through a deeply spiritual connotation” of what He had in store for you, “organising a banquet on earth in your honour”.  Who like me God’s praise should sing?  I wish I knew it then, I could have put a golden carpet for you to walk on.  I wish I also knew that the Christmas celebrations of 23rd to 25th December 2010 and the breakfast of 4th June 2011 were the last celebrations with you.  I could have…, but it’s too late now.

In fact, the foundation of the solid and undiluted word, the fervent prayers, the seal of the Holy Spirit, the true and rare Christian discipline and principles of working our salvation with fear and trembling without conforming to the image of this world; appreciating and clinging on to the cross; following the leadership of the Holy Spirit and desiring to please God at all times, notwithstanding the consequences, would definitely sustain me through the inevitable challenges your absence will pose.

On behalf of my entire family, the church, the global Christian body, the world at large and generations to come, I must say THANK YOU GOD for such a ‘rare breed’. Generations upon generations will benefit from your works. THANK YOU DADDY!!

Ah!! Daddy, my beloved, blessed and now guest of honor to the marriage feast of the Lamb. You deserve the glorious crown. I can only imagine the inexplicable joy in meeting face to face with your Master.

I can’t say adieu Daddy!! You are forever alive and will be around forever. I await your visitation with interest.

Well done!! Good and faithful servant, enter into your rest and forever be with your master.

Daddy, join the heavenly choir in singing “Hosannas” and “Hallelujahs to the LORD”, until we someday meet. What a day of rejoicing that would be?

Manyi Tataw Ebot-Ntui

Apostle was a wonderful man and a good teacher. He was a pillar in the society in general; he changed my life for the better by his teaching of God’s work. Daddy inspired my belief in doing God’s work and changed my ways of life. I say thank you to daddy and I pray the Almighty God should take him into his presence.

Daddy we will miss you dearly.

Sister Alice Edeki

Words cannot truly express what Daddy means to our family. Daddy stood for many good things. A quality of his that touched us most and encouraged us was his determination. To Daddy nothing was impossible with God on your side.

We respected Daddy mostly for his uncompromising honesty and his selflessness which will never be forgotten by our family.  He was always there for support in times of need and pain.

His prayers for us were a light in our time of uncertainty and hopelessness and today we can say we pulled through because of them; for that we say thank-you Daddy.

To the family of Daddy we pray the Comforter will be with you all and may the peace of Jesus Christ rest with you all. Amen.

May the soul of Daddy Rest in Peace. Amen.

From the Anoje Family

What can we say but to thank the Lord for the exemplary life you lived in this sinful world? There is no denying that you touched so many lives, in your very humble way, with words of wisdom, steadfastness and plain truth.

You preached and lived the word of God.

You have left a footprint to be followed and have carried your own cross.

May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace in the bosom of the lord. (amen)

Adieu apostle.

Lolu & Beatrice Ogunleye

Abuja FCT,Nigeria


Inna Lillaahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raajioon (To God we belong and to Him is our return) Amen.

I am very saddened to hear about Papa Ayo passing away. May his soul rest in eternal peace in the loving arms of the One who is above all else.

My family and I have said prayers for his soul and for his surviving family and friends that they may be blessed with courage to bear this immense loss.

We may take solace, during this time of bereavement, that Father Ayo led an exemplary life as a Christian and as a brother to every other human being, no matter what religion, colour or class they came from. His care for Bangladeshi Muslim destitute children that he so kindly housed in the church to having a lively and loving conversation with another Muslim – me – will not be easily forgotten.

Most of what I had known about Father Ayo was from the stories he related to me of his extra-ordinary experiences during his life of struggles that included establishing a fully fledged church in England – a country that was both new and foreign to this bold Nigerian. I had the good fortune to visit the Church in February of 2011 and later on that Friday of February 25th, when the whole Church fasted for two days for peace on Earth. I broke bread with his adoring family and friends. I have enjoyed the most intimate conversations about life beyond the mundane with Father Ayo. My journey to Kenya from Amsterdam in November of 2010, was quickly changed from a “planning to sleep” journey to a very exciting spiritual conversation with Father Ayo.

I was fortunate in being able to alter my travel plans later the following year and got to visit Father Ayo in London, at his church, on February 25th. Mama Majek very kindly transported me from my hotel to the church and back.

It was a very happy time for me to meet with my brother and his family and even then it was clear that Father was not keeping very well although it was hard to tell because he continued to do His work with all the gusto you could imagine. Father showed me around the church and told me the history of the place. When we sat down to eat, he did not eat much saying he did not feel up to it. His family later told me that he just does not let up in spite of his failing health.

Once again my fervent prayers for his soul and for the well being of his family, friends and the church. May you all be blessed by His choicest blessings.

Apostle Ayo’s Muslim friend.
Iqbal Talib

Words cannot express how much of a central pillar you were in our lives.  Only now do we realise the importance and the magnitude of the works that God has used you to do.

Brother, it saddens me greatly that never again will I hear you call me ‘Bukuns, Bukuns’ or say ‘Iya Ore ri mi  fun iseju kan’, (see me for one minute) which would normal may extend to hours .

I will never cease to thank God for the last four months spent closely with you.  It was indeed a privilege.  I cherish the love you ‘have’ for me and my family and I will forever love you for it.  Thank you everything brother !!!

Remember to be there to welcome me when my time comes as we have always joked about.  We love you but God loves you most.

Rest in Perfect Peace

Olubukola Olokunbola & Family

Apostle Omideyi lived in Christ and Christ lived in him.  He was the man who brought Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) to Great Britain and by the grace of God, CAC has spread all over Great Britain and all around the world.

My family and I joined his congregation in 1975 before Easter when the church was being held in his sitting room at Priory Road, Hornsey.  It is there that I received the Holy Spirit.  It was an unforgettable period in my life.

I thank God for his life and for the spiritual talent that God had given to him.  He is an unforgettable man of God.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

Deaconess F O Akamo

For you Apostle, a year on, Just as you were seen

Here I come as usual;   I hear a voice calling,    murmurs …..

As if the word is forbidden,

It has happened……….  again?

I stood just like children awaken from a deep sleep, barely hearing with a blurred vision,

I staggered….I started to walk not knowing where to go, not seeing what I am doing.

It’s like I can contain it, as if I am in control, from time to time my eyes close up refusing to see,

just tears running on my face, bringing some comfort as I am letting go…..

A son, a brother, a husband, a father, my grand dad…..

We all knew him as his children, others have heard of him but many have seen him,

A MAN for long known for his love of God, a man not just like any other man

A man in his own kind!

You were not alone, but you are on your own

First in place, first in the race, first in the making….. You are on your own!

Moving, travelling, running and wishing you were not here,

Feeling trapped as you do the right thing, walking on this market place, you wonder…

When will I finish shopping?

Struggling, falling and achieving, from the beginning of the time up until now you are on your own!

Hiding, almost scared of failing, call it fear or stubbornness, you matured in the love you received.

Planning in secret how to take on board the children, the family, the church, the wife to safety, you are always in your world

The world of apprentice, the world of creativity, the world of the Lord, the true word, His words

Always thinking how to achieve more with less, how to be there when you are absent, how to do better when all is lost

Happy and barely sharing it, for there is no time to relax

Loving and silently telling and expressing it

Crying and not showing it nor asking for help, you said men don’t cry, you said let me carry the cross

You subdued your limitation and your fears

“It is well” as you like comforting yourself,

First in place you are one of a kind!

Smiling when happy and trying hard to behave, when the urge to shout pushes through the lungs,

a friendly hand tapping some one’s shoulder when you want to comfort or just stay away when sharing the pain  ……  are just your kind! The kind that needs more and forever go for perfection

the kind that needs to cry but suppresses it, you are not alone!

Generosity of the power of love today and forever is a reminder of our limitation; you are just a friend trying to be like your father,

Trying to get in that narrow way, I can see the smile on your face, I have made it, my kind of way , the way of my Father, you are one in a million,,,,,,

From Claude Mouteng Amoko
Tribute to grand dad



I came to know APOSTLE AYO OMIDEYI early 1980 in London when I attended C.A.C (Bethel) UK. on a Sunday. After the service that day, I met him and his late brother – Pastor Segun Omideyi (May his soul rest in Perfect Peace).

I saw Papa Ayo Omideyi with his brother then as workaholics. Anytime you go there to see him in the church premises at 215/223 Kingsland Road London E28An, he was always there and ready to attend to you with his invaluable pieces of advice, Biblical counseling and intercession in prayers.

I came to London In 1978 and moved into a Council flat at 31, Archer Hse, Whit more Estate very close to the church late 1979. I was then faced with a problem of choosing one out of the four Churches that I had before me where I could be going to worship. I later decided to go into prayer and fasting to find out from God which of the four churches I could join. At the end of the fasting and prayer, God showed me a dream where I saw myself being dragged into C.A.C (Bethel) in Kingsland Road and with a voice that said “I hope you would not allow yourself to be dealt with before you start coming to worship here, and I woke up. In that dream, I saw the Apostle on a seat that looked like that of a King, a very big chair. The Apostle became so big as when 20 men are put together to become one – one man and with a long white Robe and a collar round his neck. He remained like that each time I saw him in my dream ever since. This shows the level or the amount of the Holy Spirit in his life. To God be the Glory.

In 1992, I was at Abeokuta in Ogun State of Nigeria when in a dream I followed the Apostle to pray on a virgin land. This came to pass on the 22nd of January 1998, after which I became so close to him. And each time he arrived in Nigeria, I always leave whatever I was doing in my church then to join him.

In December 1997 I wrote him a letter inside which I stated (among others) as follows:

“My dear father in the Lord, Your name is already in the book of life, so rejoice in the Lord”. This was after I saw some revelations concerning him.

Infact, I made a move to join his Ministry on a permanent basis then but for my Pastor S.A Falade (who has now became his friend and confidant after I had introduced him to the Apostle) who seriously objected to my move or intention.

Towards the end of 1998 or thereabout he (the Apostle) opened a Business Centre at “LAMTANG HOUSE”,  a newly built edifice near General Bus stop on Lagos – Abeokuta  Express Road. He brought a Lady Secretary from Ibadan and employed a good number of staff there. Unfortunately, owing to the non – challant attitude of our people in Nigeria especially when the owner of the Business is not always around to give them close monitoring and adequate supervision the place did not take off the ground and it was eventually closed down.

In that same year Papa started   working on that land (David Camp) and later purchased the first and the second part of the land at Ojokoro – Rimax Estate. Papa would invite General Overseers, Pastors, Evangelists and church workers from around Lagos, Ogun and Oyo states, giving them lectures on the Words  of God and teaching them about God’s Kingdom virtues, He used to organize Rallies/Crusades, Seminars and Symposiums. At times, he would pay for their transport to and fro, give them refreshments.

These meetings usually took place at David Camp, Ojokoro Church Premises, Ogun State Hotels Ota, Agege Stadium, an open place at Ota, Lagos Airport – Hotel, Ikeja and so on.

This Apostle saw the best Car in town, he did not buy for himself, he saw the best building he did not build for himself, the best dress he did not buy for himself but spent everything he had propagating the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In 2001or thereabout, Papa out of love and compassion for the people of Nigeria, when he saw how the so called Nigerian Leaders were running the Country he ventured into politics. He organized political rallies and symposium. He gave series of lectures at those venues mentioned earlier. There was a day I followed him to Dr. Mbang, the Prelate of the Methodist Church Of Nigeria and the President of the Christian Association Of Nigeria (CAN) at his Marina Lagos Office. A courageous and no nonsense man, Papa Apostle Omideyi was very frank and straight forward with this man. I will never forget my experience with him that day. A fearless fighter, he doesn’t care whose horse is gored when it comes to preaching the word of God, especially in anything he believed in and which in all cases would be in terms  with God’s instruction and in accordance with the  BIBLE just like Cornelius – Acts 10:2 & 22.

There is no doubt about the fact that C.A.C (Bethel) incorporating Sower Evangelical Ministry was  established by God Almighty in London UK through our late father Apostle AYOTUNDE OMIDEYI who was until his death on the 28th Sept. 2011 the founder/ pioneer General Overseer of the Ministry –

APOSTLE AYO OMIDEYI – A true servant of God and God’s General indeed.

“My father! My father! The chariot of Israel and the Horsemen thereof – (IIKings 2:12)



By Pastor James Segun Oyetola (DD)


Tribute to Granddad – who accepted us as his own children

How can we tell a story of our Dad that conveys the message of what love and strength has meant to us?

Words cannot begin to explain the tremendous impact this great servant of God had on Individuals, families, the church and the community at large.

Today the Children Group salutes a great servant of God.

In celebration of his life we reflect on a life well spent;
a life that taught
a life that left legacies
a life that served
a life that comforted
a life that gave
a life that supported
a life that cheered
a life that advised
a life that composed beautiful songs from the soul
We appreciate being touched and taught the ways of God by this humble servant who also led by examples.
Dearest sir,  we are proud to call Granddad.

Church children

The precious love of God has been shed at home and abroad in the hearts of many and overflows through our beloved Apostle Ayo Omideyi to many people.

The gentle Apostle caused many to increase and abound consistently in love towards fellow believers in Christ and towards all men.

Apostle did live in the perfect love of God.  He was rooted and securely founded on HIS love.

Therefore we can confidently and boldly state that APOSTLE AYO OMIDEYI has found Grace and has obtained Mercy and at the moment in time resting at the feet of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

With the best of our love & affection,


For the entire Ogunojemite family.

To our father in the Lord Jesus, the late Apostle Ayo Omideyi,

Just as Jesus prayed for His disciples, likewise your supplication of steadfast love and faithfulness to continue with the ministry has been answered.

The good seed  that you have planted will continue to grow abundantly and flourish in this ministry and the branches.

May the spirit of God lift up your soul.

Rest in peace with the Lord.


Mrs Taiwo Odekunle


I met Ayo Omideyi on campus about November 1969 while we were rehearsing for the Christmas Carol  programme of  the Student Christian Movement( SCM ) . He was the Choirmaster of the SCM Choral Group .

A few days to the programme , I took ill and it appeared I would not participate in the programme.  As we did not have an alternate person to take up my role, the success of the programme was in jeopardy.  I recollect , he came to my room  and prayed with me. We believed God, and together we prayed on a bucket of water. After bathing with the water, I got healed divinely within a few hours. The programme was a success to the glory of God.

That incident brought us to a very close relationship. I was a young believer at that time, and at a stage he talked to me about the need for a believer’s baptism by immersion. For some reasons I was not convinced of the need for a second baptism. About three years later, I was baptized by immersion  in one of the streams on campus by Bro. Ayo Omideyi.

At the time off campus accommodation rules were introduced, he did not have accommodation  on campus, while  I had a single room  . That room accommodated  both of us for the session, whenever he had to stay overnight on the campus. I recollect we used to sleep and read in turns.

We lost contact after he relocated overseas and I relocated to the southern part of Nigeria. However, a mutual friend (Prof. Bunmi  Osun ) gave me some information about his contact in London.

In October 1980, while on a Learning and Development programme in Holland, I visited his family and we renewed our contact. Over the years later, we exchanged family visits between London and Den Haag, where my family resided for some years.

In January 2011, my family visited with them in London. On that occasion, Apostle Ayo and wife, my wife and I worshipped the Lord as we all sang hymns and choruses heartily. Apostle and I took turns to play the piano and I do recall him playing the song “In tenderness He sought me”.  For me, that song climaxed our fellowship for the night as this song reminded me of my helpless state before I received Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. That fellowship was very touching and it was like, we should sleep in London that night, but we had to go back to Coventry that night. That fellowship, turned out to be the last face to face meeting Apostle Ayo and I had. We still communicated by phone before his home call.

Apostle Omideyi and family members have been very hospitable to many.  In January 2011, a member of my family had a health challenge that required a surgical intervention in London. Rather than commuting between Coventry and London during this period, The Omideyi’s readily offered to accommodate my wife and son for about six weeks while our son underwent  surgery and follow up.

On my first visit to the Omideyi’s in 1980 in London,  I was thrilled to learn about the work of ministry Apostle Ayo and other faithful brethren started in London.  While on campus, he was very active in the CAC ministry, and  functioned  informally in the office of a pastor among the student members of the CAC.  This pastoral ministry blossomed in later years as he went into fulltime ministry .

I worshipped  at CAC ( Bethel ), whenever  I had the opportunity to attend  a worship service . In CAC ( Bethel )  I noted that many members are  committed , courteous ,  respectful , helpful  and obedient to the pastors . I also noted that some members I met on my first visit, still worship in the church,  30 years after.

Apostle Ayo, was frank , firm and loving with his congregation . He had a heart for the Lord.

My family and I miss a friend .  I miss the reminiscences of the campus years we used to have, but I am comforted by the words of Apostle Paul who admonished that we should not sorrow like those who have no hope.

We will meet again to part no more.

‘Seye Ososanya

An honest, God fearing man and a true servant of God – one in a million – You will be truly missed by many. May your soul rest in perfect peace.

 Ropo Adegbami

oooh God let baba rest in peace, i remember the last time i meet him it was in mbezi dar es salaam Tanzania where i use to serve with him. i didnt knew God called him untill today when i was trying to find his contact. i wish to visit his grave and just say a wold to him. i promise one day to start the job he wanted me to do.
Faraja Fares

Adieu Baba we all missed your jokes see how mighty are fallen You did the work of your father with faithfulness you are a mentor indeed, Papa can not play with prayer aday is just like aminute when it comes to prayer Apostle create time for Children He took them to watch Commonwealth gamesin manchester He is indeed a father He can go to any lent to born to be a missionary you will be truly missed may your soul rest in peaceis, I can not forget my missionary journey to Tanzania when nothing to break the fast with we boiled Okro insmall cup and you eat it as food without anything. So soon? Is a lesson for us that is left We love you But Jesus loves you more rest in the bossom of your Father AdieuProphetess Ga Elliott

I got to know Apostle Ayo Omideyi during my student days in London. He taught us to use our hands in building for the Lord. He had such a great influence upon our lives. Apart from being our spiritual father, he was a good mentor. He had passion for Christ. He was a man full of faith, who never believed that any obstacle is insurmontable. A classical example was how the Church bought the Church on Kingsland Road. May the good Lord keep his family. Till we meet to part no more. AdieuOlatunji Faboro

I was shocked to hear this today 21st May,12. that daddy Omideyi has gone to rest at the bossom of our heavenly father. though, is very painful but i have know doubt in my mind is with the Lord.
May the Lord be with his wife,children’s and family at large. GoodnightE A AKINYEMI 

The last words of JESUS CHRIST at CALVARY, ‘it is finished’ began to ring loud and clear in my ears. Unlike JESUS, i might not have breathed my last but,the bitter truth is that, I AM SICK and need a heavy dose of a potent medicine to keep me going. DADDY, i hope one day, you will open HEAVEN’S DOOR for me just like you warmly welcomed me as a son.I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU SIR.Isaac Acheampong

Daddy I am still shocked and still cannot believe you have gone. It feels like you’ve just travelled but I know God knows and did what was best. I will forever miss you till we meet gain and I thank you and God for being a blessing to me and my family.. Rest in Peace,Your daughter, Bimbo

Bolanle Ogunleye

Daddy was more than a spiritual father to me. He was an actual father to me. If not for God & daddy, I will not be where I am today.. I thank God for all the memories I was able to have with daddy; the daily advice and the teachings.. The jokes, the love-both tough and heartfelt, the discipline, just everything! The world has lost a great teacher and the best father.. I know we will meet another day.. Continue to watch over and pray for us all .. Love u with all my heart.. As u loved 2 call me, ur big baby, Morayo

Morayo Ogunleye


Was trying to find out about papa’s tv programme, as OBE is no longer on air, only to find out about Dear Papa’s call to glory.How shocking and sad! but we take solace in the fact that papa has gone to meet the Lord.Your teaching and your fearless delivery of the word will remain indellible in our hearts.May the Lord grant Mama, his children, grand children, church members,family,friends and all his tv viewers the fortitude to bear the loss.

Lola, Manchester , UK

O dear me ver sad news, saw this on the you tube just yesterday, though never met him personally, however, saw him on the tv, he was a man I do admire and very different from others, God centered, word of God focused, never compromises with the word of God ,how so much I look forward to his preaching. Well God loves him and his legacy lives on. I would love to attend his church and fellowship with congregation of God.

Victoria Haastrup

May his soul rest in perfect peace!! What a true man of God….full of wisdom…

Ajike Oloko

It was sad to hear about your departure but God loves you more and that is why he has called you home. My greatest memory of you is the love and passion you had for your congregation. I would like to use this opportunity to appreciate all that I was taught in Bethel as a child and the impact it has had in my life as an adult. Although you are gone, your legacy lives on. I pray that the Lord will continue to uphold the Church and your family.Florence Adeleye