The CIC group of the CAC Bethel UK comprises of the young people within the ages of 11 to 17 years old.

As a group, with the help of God’s Spirit, we look forward to attaining the following:

* To be built, individually and as a body, to know our God, to be strong in Him and to be confident of Him. This is to enable us to face and overcome the challenges of this world, for today and for life.

* To allow the Holy Spirit instil in us a strong commitment to prayers and the Word of God.

* To allow the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and God-given skills be discovered and flourish within the group and be benefit to the body of Christ as a whole.

* To develop a relationship within all members of the group, a relationship of God’s love, trust, confidence and inter-reliance as part of the body of Christ.

* To allow the Spirit of God to bear fruits in us, so that people will see us and know that we are Sons and Daughters of God.

Our first priority is to focus on prayers and the deep study of the word of God, so that we may be well-grounded and confident in Who and what we believe. This we believe will assist us to overcome any challenges we might face from any opposition.

We would also look at ways to train ourselves not to be carried away by the various issues, trends and fads (Christian fads included) that are going on around us, but to be totally focussed on Jesus and the ultimate prize – an eternal relationship with God, in this world and forevermore (i.e. in Heaven).


The group holds regular monthly meetings on the first Sunday of each month in which we deal with the Bible in an expositional way. We have been through the books of Revelation, Daniel, Haggai and currently in the book of Zechariah. We also treat current affairs in our meetings and we try to see how events of the present day find relevance in Bible and vice versa. For this reason, we also watch some Christian movies within our meetings, and after which we engage in critical discussions of the topics involved.

We are also an outward looking group, working to bring the love of God to our communities. We go out as a group to evangelise and we also visit sister churches to present ministrations.

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